Meet the team

At Insight Ergonomics, we are passionate about helping you create a comfortable and productive workspace. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best ergonomic products that promote a healthy and active work environment.

Caroline O'Connor-Podmore

Product Specialist

Having customer service qualifications, along with 26 years retail experience a decade of which was within a clinical environment, Caroline now ensures the smooth running of DSE and ergonomic chair enquiries and orders for individuals that might have been suggested or recommended equipment during assessments.

IOSH, Office ergonomics qualifications and product training, means she has a wealth of product knowledge, whilst understanding the assessment process.

Caroline is passionate about finding solutions to make individuals safe and comfortable in the workplace and always provides a high level of customer service, to both organisations and their staff that currently use us.


Kieron Hughes

Advanced DSE & Neurodiversity Assessor

Kieron has attended the Acpohe DSE training courses, including the Vehicle Assessment course and has attended many on-site training days for available adjustments, whether a chair or other devices that will support musculoskeletal symptoms. 

Kieron's primary goal is to sustainably enhance an individual's health in and outside of work.

Outside of work, Kieron is an avid mountain biker, often travelling to different bike parks across the UK.


Tina Williams

DSE and Workplace Needs Assessor

Tina is a DSE assessor at Insight, with a passion for healthcare. Tina was previously a nurse but stepped away from the profession whilst raising a family.

Tina has been with Insight for over three years and alongside her role as DSE assessor, she is also a workplace needs assessor and occupational health technician.

Outside of work, Tina is a keen dog walker. Having SIX, she is kept very busy.