DSE Assessments

Employers are legally obliged to protect their workers from the health risks associated with working with display screen equipment (DSE). Regulations apply to employees who use DSE on a daily basis for periods in excess of one hour.

By law, employers must:

  • Complete a DSE workstation assessment
  • Provide workers with an eye test if they request one
  • Provide workers with training and information
  • Reduce risks for workers and ensure they take regular breaks from DSE work

DSE assessments are conducted to ensure that the working environment is ergonomically sound and designed to minimize the risk of discomfort, pain, and musculoskeletal disorders that can result from prolonged computer use.

During a DSE assessment, one of our occupational health clinicians or DSE assessors will examine various factors, including the positioning of the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, the arrangement of the chair and desk, and the lighting conditions. The goal is to optimize the workspace to fit the individual's specific needs and physical characteristics, promoting a comfortable and productive working environment.

Key elements considered in a DSE assessment typically include:

  1. Monitor placement: Ensuring that the monitor is at eye level and the correct distance from the user to prevent neck strain and eye fatigue.
  2. Keyboard and mouse positioning: Proper alignment to minimize the risk of wrist and arm discomfort.
  3. Chair and desk ergonomics: Adjusting the height and posture of the chair and desk to maintain a neutral body position.
  4. Lighting and glare: Ensuring appropriate lighting to reduce screen glare and eye strain.
  5. Breaks and exercises: Recommending regular breaks and exercises to prevent prolonged sitting and strain.

DSE assessments are essential in promoting employee health, well-being, and productivity in jobs that involve extensive computer use. Employers often have a legal obligation to provide DSE assessments to their employees to meet health and safety regulations.

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